Bubble bath + body wash

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What it this: 

2 in 1 multi-use! Bubble bath + shower gel! 

SEV SKYN bubble bath is luxuriously created and chemically designed to perfection! Our liquid formula has a pH value of 6-6.5

Most soaps and bubble baths have a pH of 9-10, while the TUB BUBBLY is mild with a pH level of 6-6.5 which makes it agreeable with almost all types of skin from newborn to adult and for all genders too.


If you love soap so much, you're willing to go the extra mile, here's what you need to know: As a rule of thumb, only use soaps that have a pH close to that of your skin. The ideal range is between 5.5 and 6.5.

Key Benefits:

      • Soft skyn.
      • Boosts healing for your mind and body.
      • Glycerin: A humectant that helps balance the moisture in your skin. If your skin is dry, it will draw in moisture and if your skin is oily, it will help decrease the oily appearance of your skin.

      • Sweet and soft smell of JASMINE ( aromatherapy) for relieving depression and improving mood.
    • Citric Acid: An AHA that helps to gently exfoliate the skin.


    This product will last you 2-3 months depending on your usage and amount during use. Cut into pieces for a better and longer use of this item.

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